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PCLinuxOS 0.93a - Comments

Sunday 22nd October 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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16. Submitted by fauxpas, Saturday 19th May 2007

I was trying some linux distros just for the hell of it... I found the whole terminal thing hard to cope with as I was too use to windows command/dos commands... Ubuntu was my last test distro and I had to get 2 mates to setup my beryl 3d desktop with heaps of commands in terminal...

So I read up on pclinuxos. I install. I use synaptic to download and install my nvidia driver. I choose my monitor. I set screen res. I enable 3d desktop. Kapow, it works... without any commands in terminal...

ktorrent (bit torrent), xchat (irc), frostwire (gnutella), kopete (msn) and stack of other apps straight out of the box and easy as hell to configure...

PCLinuxOS is referred to as 'The Distro Hopper Stopper'... correct!

I now have pclinuxos TR4 on my file server.