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What Is RSS?

What Is RSS?

Monday 29th August 2005 - Sunday 4th September 2005

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Using A Feed In Mozilla Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox, if a webpage has an RSS feed, you will see a small symbol in the bottom right hand corner. When you click on this, you are presented with a list of all the RSS feeds on this site.

The button in Mozilla Firefox for subscribing to feeds.

If there is no symbol in the bottom right hand corner, yet there is a link to an RSS feed, the method is much the same. Right click on the link to the RSS feed, and click 'Copy Link Location'.

Copying the link of an RSS feed.

Click on 'Bookmarks' on the menu bar, and select 'Manage Bookmarks...'. From there, click on 'File' on the menu bar, and select 'Add New Livemark...'. Type in the name of the feed, paste the location of the RSS feed in, add a description if you want to, click OK, and you're done!

Adding an RSS feed using the Bookmark Manager.

When you subscribe to a feed using either method, it is saved as a bookmark. By opening the bookmark, you can read the latest items on the feed. The result is similar to this:

The free-bees.co.uk RSS feed in Mozilla Firefox.

By clicking on a link, you are taken to the relevant webpage - in this case, either an article, or a news post. As you can see, RSS feeds are extremely useful in navigating the internet - they allow you to check the web quickly and easily, so that you can get the content you want with no problems.