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Finding An Atom 1.0 Feed Reader

Finding An Atom 1.0 Feed Reader

Sunday 18th September 2005 - Saturday 24th September 2005

Categories: Internet, Opinion, FLOSS

Webpage Based Feed Readers

This was my last try, for now at least. I will, most likely, come back and try other software, but right now there isn't enough reason for me to carry on searching.

So, as you may have gathered from the title, this part looks at webpage based feed readers. For those of you anxious to know the result: it's a failure. I tried two feed readers: Kinja and Bloglines. We've seen so far that feed readers generally fall into two main categories. Number One is the category that returns absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, Kinja belongs to this category. She (she? Do websites have gender?) refused to do anything with any Atom feed I tried.

The second category is made up of those feed readers that have a good go, but forget to tell the time, as well as not reading the subtitle. Bloglines falls into this second category. Remember, if you find any programs that lie in the empty third category of 'It works!', please get in contact, either through e-mail or by leaving a comment.

The results of my little investigation leave me slightly confused. I can understand the Atom feeds not working at all, although I would have thought Atom feeds were widespread enough for more readers to support them. No, it was all of those that nearly got there that have me slightly befuddled. Surely, once you have supported all of those other parts of the feed, it wouldn't be too difficult to add in support for just a few more tags?