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Fedora Core 6 - Comments

Tuesday 21st November 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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1. Submitted by Anonymous, Wednesday 22nd November 2006

Wow, what a pile of junk. And if this were a Windows Vista review, imagine how harsh it would be!

2. Submitted by Rob, Wednesday 22nd November 2006

I was very happy using and configuring FC5 but with a new installation of FC6, after reboot, i got the message "frequency out of range".
This message, along with other problems whitch i read about in reviews, made me looking for another distro.


3. Submitted by Jon, Monday 27th November 2006

Here at work I have our school frozen on Fedora Core 3. The scare going from 2 to 3 was enough to all but put me off Fedora altogether.
But THEN I tried installing 4 at home and it was so bad I ended up just laughing out loud as I deleted the system files, reconfigured the boot loader using Knoppix, and just left the ex-Fedora partition as a spare drive using Ext2Fsd from MS Win XP. Phew.

5 isn't very good. It just isn't. They've changed and broken a lot of things. I'm getting used to it but that's just it - I have to get USED to it.

Now 6 ? I'm not encouraged. Not at all. Could this be the distro that kills Fedora and drives everybody onto Ubuntu ?

Bit shuddery over here.

4. Submitted by Anonymous, Tuesday 28th November 2006

Except for FC 4, Fedora Core gets better and better with each release. I'm glad it comes out every six months, you can report
all of the bugs to the Fedora community and they will provide
feedback to the programmers. So keep on reporting bugs and
inconsistancies so FC 7 will be the OS of choice for you! I agree
it doesn't work with USB memory sticks nor does GNOME provide
everything you need, it is not Windoze, but it will get better, so
hang in there and if you want to, uninstall it, and run a UNITY
LiveDVD instead until the next version comes out, just a helpful
suggestion from one Fedora User to Another....

M. McLaughlin - marknetproductionsentrance.blogspot.com

5. Submitted by Anonymous, Sunday 3rd December 2006

Copying files to the USB flashdrive does NOT guarantee that a write to disk has been performed. Linux buffers disk writes. Perform a "sync" first before unplugging the USB flashdrive.