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Why I Love Internet Explorer

Why I Love Internet Explorer - Comments

Saturday 1st April 2006

Categories: Internet, Opinion, Proprietary Software

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6. Submitted by Anonymous, Saturday 1st April 2006

Well, Duh! Internet Explorer comes with my machine - I just had to sitch it on when I got it and connect to the MSN... Why shoukld I wast my time explicitly downloading another browser?


7. Submitted by Anonymous, Saturday 1st April 2006

What in the world are you thinking. IE is the worst browser ever. I never use IE i use FireFox becasue its a better browser.

8. Submitted by Amos Batto, Sunday 2nd April 2006

Don't forget the hours of fun that you have getting to read security advisories and getting to install security patches. And you get the joy of learning all the latest advances in spyware. Think of all the intellectual enlightenment you get! And its all FREE!

9. Submitted by Anonymous, Sunday 2nd April 2006

My favorite part:

"What other piece of software do you know of that won an actual war?"

10. Submitted by Anonymous, Monday 13th August 2007

funny! love the pop up joke