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Linspire 5 - Comments

Saturday 26th November 2005

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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11. Submitted by Anonymous, Friday 20th January 2006

I'm just glad it doesnt come stuck with a canadian keyboard :D

12. Submitted by Anonymous, Thursday 9th February 2006

I am about to try Linspire out for the first time. I have tried to use several other Linux Distros and have had no success at all. I couldn't get any of them to even install. Linspire is doing what Linux needs to do to get on the desktop though, making it easy for an average user. That is what all the Linux geeks out there do not and can not seem to comprehend.

13. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Thursday 9th February 2006

In response to #12:

There are people I know that are certainly not Linux geeks that find distributions such as Ubuntu easy to install - easier, even, than a Windows installation. I also found that the installations of Ubuntu and SUSE were as good as, or, to be more accurate, better than Linspire. Although Linspire does make it easy for the average user, so do a lot of other distributions.

14. Submitted by cuberantcamper, Sunday 12th February 2006

I tried 4.5 with success but when I went to 5.0 I was faced with disappearing icons and my modem (usr 5686-03 contoller-based hardware serial port) could not be opened? I switched to Xandros and have not looked back, much faster and more stable.

15. Submitted by PeaceMakr, Friday 3rd March 2006

I was curious to try linix, my first distro was ubuntu, it looks so ugly, then i tried suse 9.3, beautiful and easy to install, i tried a few others, but i could get NONE connected to my iburst wireless provider, execpt linspire 5.0, i got someone to call me at home, after 10 minutes i had linspire connected to the net, been using linspire 5.0 since, no issues what so ever, its no slower then XP, boots just as fast as XP, never crashes like XP, and i got the CD for linspire for a song, i then purchased a subscription to CNR($20) and im a happy camper, yes there are better distros, faster distros, but this linspire works for me. If you cant afford it, maybe you need a new job.