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SimplyMEPIS 3.4-3 - Comments

Saturday 18th February 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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16. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Friday 24th February 2006

In response to #15:

I might take a look around, and see if I can find anything... thanks

17. Submitted by Anonymous, Friday 24th February 2006

Not a very good review - no depth.

DHCP network configuration has ALWAYS worked on my systems using Mepis. One can still set up the network connection [if dhcp does not function]. Just open the Mepis Config (OS Center) under 'Network Interfaces' and proceed.

The commment about "wanting to be able to pre-select applications to be installed" shows that the reviewer does not have a clue about what a Live-cd really is.

I prefer the very good pre-configured out-of-the box experience of Mepis over any other currently available debian-based distribution. Or rpm.

Regards, Ko

18. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Friday 24th February 2006

In response to #17:

It isn't that MEPIS does not setup DHCP properly - DHCP just doesn't work on my network. I am aware that you can change the settings - I have done! My point was that I would have prefered to have been given the option in the installation.

As for pre-selecting applications... how does that show I have no clue about a Live CD? I believe that, regardless of the installation method, you should be able to choose what packages to install. How does using a Live CD limit the packages you can use? If it does, I would greatly prefer the ability to choose packages than to install from a Live CD.

I've found other distributions to be as well configured after installation. However, I can certainly see why people choose MEPIS - as I said, it is very good, but I would prefer something else.