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SUSE 10.0 - Comments

Sunday 18th December 2005

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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11. Submitted by Anonymous, Thursday 22nd December 2005

Hey, doesn't SuSE come with it's own configuration tool. I think it's called Yast. You forgot to mention that..

12. Submitted by Mike,, Thursday 22nd December 2005

In response to #11:

I think I mentioned it on the second page, third paragraph...

13. Submitted by Shane B, Tuesday 3rd January 2006

I found our review pretty top notch. I have been using Suse since 9.0 and found it very polished. I work with 5-6 computers at a time and it has always been easy to find hardware and support it, wifi cards to ham radio gear. The firewall is a pain at times but read and learn as thy say. I recently have converted 3 systems over to Ubuntu as it runs better on my PIII lsptop and other sub 3.0 GHZ systems. Yast does make life much less difficult but there seems to be a large base of how to's if you are willing to read about Ubuntu. All this being said, it is hard to leave Suse as it sets up so easy and my children can play with their hardware and make it work. Thank you for the nice review and great web site!

14. Submitted by dude, Sunday 8th January 2006

I use OpenSuse 10.0 on my laptop and Kubuntu on my desktop and I must say that I like Kubuntu more.

The reason is that Yast isn't working as expected for me. Just to give you an example: I can't get my wireless network working by using Yast; I think there is some bug in the network scripts that are used by Yast, because when I do things manually everyting works just fine. Above that, I find Yast unnecessary slow for some tasks (e.g. rpm installation).