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Xubuntu 6.06 - Comments

Thursday 20th July 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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6. Submitted by Anonymous, Sunday 23rd July 2006

Xubuntu runs (just) on an AMD K6 400MHz with 196Mb of memory - Kubuntu sat at 45% CPU when idle and paged way too much, making the system too slow for practical use.

7. Submitted by Sean, Tuesday 25th July 2006

Comment #2 almost has it right, but there's really no need to remove ubuntu-desktop before installing xubuntu-desktop (and/or kubuntu-desktop for that matter). Just put all three on the same installation, and choose whichever desktop you want when you log in.

On my system I have KDE, GNOME, XFCE, Fluxbox, IceWM, Enlightenment, ... maybe a couple others. Search packages for "window manager" to see what's available. Each one installed gets an entry in the 'sessions' menu on the login screen.

8. Submitted by Anonymous, Wednesday 2nd August 2006

I agree with everything you've said here.
Especially your last comments about things not being that fast compared to the other Ubuntu distros.

I installed it on my old laptop and instead of getting blazing speeds I got a sluggish linux desktop with not very thought out packages. It does use very little memory, but it's still slow.

Xubuntu really sufferers from using the first beta version of XFCE, hopefully things will improve with the full release of 4.