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Interview with Zenwalk's Jean-Philippe Guillemin

Interview with Zenwalk's Jean-Philippe Guillemin - Comments

Tuesday 11th July 2006

Categories: GNU/Linux, Opinion, FLOSS

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1. Submitted by noranthon, Thursday 13th July 2006

I must have kde (mainly for kalarm, kjots and klipper) and do not want gnome. I am a little disappointed that I would have to install the latter and download the former. Also, Gnome Office is no use to me which makes something else I have to uninstall. I am happy to download and install OpenOffice (not some distro's hacked version) as I do at present. I hope no browser is compulsorily installed as I prefer to get Firefox and Thunderbird from Mozilla.

2. Submitted by hollywoodb, Saturday 22nd July 2006

Another to note (and response to comment #1)... From the Zenwalk homepage:

There are 2 versions of Zenwalk :

Zenwalk (full version ~ 410MB iso download) is a complete system : out of the box, you will be able to browse, mail, chat, listen to music, program in C, Perl, Python, Ruby,.. watch videos in various formats, write documents, print, scan, burn CD and DVD, connect your camera and edit your photographs, without adding anything. Coders will like the full set of development libraries and interpreters.

Zenwalk Core (~ 350MB iso download) is a Zenwalk system without X applications. Zenwalk-core is intended to be used as a starting point to build a custom desktop system or a server system, and for users with limited space on their disk, or great perfectionists wanting to build their personal desktop system themselves.

3. Submitted by Graham Bentley, Thursday 5th July 2007

I consider Zenwalk to be the best, lightweight distro I have tried, and certainly I have tried alot. There might be some purists who complain because some 'non-free' codecs are used. There will always be these arguments however JP has taken whats avaliable, tweaked it, tuned it and assembled it into a single chorent system that works right out of the box and other distro's should look at ZW to learn a few lessons. The work of JP and associates is to be commended and its distros like ZW that will doubtless increase GNU/Linux adoption.

4. Submitted by Graham Bentley, Thursday 5th July 2007

noranthon: those K apps can easily be replaced by other software, I dont think they alone are a reason for choosing a DE. Eventually I realised that K and Gnome are big slow bloatware and I can do without alot of what they provide anyway. Try Xfce4, you will most likely appreciate it. I am leaning towards Openbox on my current Zenwalk install :)