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Flash 9 On GNU/Linux

Flash 9 On GNU/Linux - Comments

Saturday 30th September 2006

Categories: GNU/Linux, Internet, Opinion, Proprietary Software

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1. Submitted by Chris, Monday 2nd October 2006

Another option would be to get rid of flash and all flash-based noise !!

Honestly 90% of flash based web use is for advertisement and extremely useless "information". So many time, I have seen web portal all flash based with no information whatsoever on the main page but a fancy animation which take time to load, is often un-skippable because programmer "forgot" to put a skip button, and is just annoying.

Too bad - as you said - in real world - that won't happen...

2. Submitted by Anonymous, Monday 2nd October 2006

I disagree if they can't open there code so flash can be a true open standard we should refrain from using it, and stuff em. Sorry for being hardcore but I not a fan of proprietry software.

3. Submitted by Eddy Nigg, Tuesday 3rd October 2006

At last an article which deals with the real world! We (Linux users) want to get support for the best programs on our Linux boxes (including games), but don't accept the fact, that there are some (companies) who don't want / have to provide them open source! If we want to move the Linux desktop forward we have to request more applications for Linux from more vendors. But we also might have to accept, that not everything will be free or open sourced. If we want to get the same attention as other platforms do, than we should stop whining and spitting at the ones that do. This includes hardware and software vendors, who did this in the past, such as Google, Adobe, Skype, Opera, ATI and many more...

4. Submitted by varun, Tuesday 3rd October 2006

I fully agree with you.

Thanks them for what adobe is doing.


5. Submitted by David Kastrup, Tuesday 3rd October 2006

The question is not whether to ram free software down other people's throats, but whether to let other people ram non-free software down your throat.

If the answer to that were "yes" for everybody, with the euphemism "work together with others", there would be no free software to start with.

In short: you want to sacrifice freedom for convenience, the freedom that you profit from and that others have created by foregoing convenience, getting on their butt and creating something free for everybody, something which you think you are qualified to let it be watered down again while considering yourself to be a good person because of doing it.

If you value convenience above freedom, why don't you just pay the full price of convenience and leave free software alone?