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openSUSE 10.2 - Comments

Tuesday 16th January 2007

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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1. Submitted by Anonymous, Saturday 20th January 2007

I am happy to see that review. The annoying menu is the default taken from SLED (Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop) and is more clear. Anyway, if you want the old menus, you can remove and add the applets.

I think that a new user can use that "default way" and at the moment it wants speeder select, it may choose the default menu bar. Anyway the menus in OpenSuse wasn't so efficient, because usually you have two categories until the application. Means that if you want to start a terminal, you should click applications, secondly system, thirdly the terminals, and at last the terminal you like. For instance in Ubuntu you will need one less click.
Making that move I think is a better one for starters, but is a badder one for power user as you are.

2. Submitted by NAyK, Saturday 20th January 2007

Interesting take on openSUSE. I have been using openSUSE exclusively (on my office machine) for the past few weeks, and I must say that it feels more robust than Ubuntu. If you're interested, my take on this is found here: http://alternativenayk.wordpress.com/2007/01/09/opensuse-102-review-phase-3-getting-ready-to-work/

3. Submitted by Eudoxus, Saturday 20th January 2007

Cannot agree. I am a newbie. I have tried Kubuntu and Ubuntu - as a result I almost lost trust in open source and linux. However I decided to try suse 10.2 and I am almost completely satisfied. Everything works. I suppose that some of your problems ar Gnome specific. I run KDE and it works great - it is very responsive, fast easy to use. And new suse menu is very convenient.
I am confused about the problems with internet and updates. I was connected to net already during installation process and configured update options trhough yast very easily. So I do not know how you managed to get into the problems you described.
All in all, I found suse more user-friendly (and it is even more so when you add smart package manager) than unreliable and unpolished Ubuntu. In fact - I myself am personally very confused about people being so positive abount Ubuntu. I find it very strange that this distro which really looks cheap and works badly (althoug it is fast, that I admitt) is so popular. Again, that is just me of course.
The fact is that it was more easy for me to configure suse than ubuntu. Aas a condequence - I am going to stick with suse. And my adveice would be - if you are a newbie - go for whatever - suse, pclinuxos, dreamlinux or mepis, but avoid Ubuntu.

4. Submitted by Niko, Saturday 20th January 2007

thanks lot for your usful articles and help.

I have problems to install suse 10.2 on hard disk ATA 113 connector since my new motherbord.
Motherboard: MSIP P965 Platinum
HD: Samsung 400LD
CPU. Intel dual core 6300

Could same one help me ?

5. Submitted by Anonymous, Saturday 20th January 2007

Check out the pages on the openSUSE community site


there are still issues with package management but these can very easily be overcome, leaving a more pleasing OS for the end-user. A lot of the sluggishness of 10.2 seems to come from ZMD package management, with that got it performs just fine.