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openSUSE 10.2 - Comments

Tuesday 16th January 2007

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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16. Submitted by Vukota, Monday 22nd January 2007

It is the same with every software. You have to either
a) know how to use it or at least have a good clue how to use it
b) read documentation
c) be dissapointed with results you are going to get

I find author was complaining about thigs he didn't know and didn't look either in documentation or couple good sites dedicated to configuration of openSUSE.

17. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Monday 22nd January 2007

In response to #16:

My point was that in some distributions, you do not need to know how to configure the distribution for it to work - some things should just work out of the box, which was not the case for openSUSE 10.2.

18. Submitted by Anonymous Coward, Monday 22nd January 2007

I have to disagree with your saying Suse is sluggish. On an old Thinkpad 600X (500Mhz), I've tried all the Debian based distro's mentioned and none were as fast as Suse. In the Debians, playing video would bog down the machine, in Suse video played well. Surfing the net was also annoying in the Debians. Fedora did not work well. I'm always trying new Linux distros on my pc's and I always end up back with Suse. It would be nice if they would fix that annoying new package updater. At least they gave the option of the OpenSuse-Updater. They should integrate Smart Package Manager, that's what I've been using since Suse 10.1.

19. Submitted by Anonymous, Monday 22nd January 2007

I think that openSUSE thrives on KDE and not so much in Gnome. Its KDE is very fast and very responsive than Kubuntu for example. In my opinion, openSUSE 10.2 is a great, rock-solid release aimed for a more business-oriented audience.

20. Submitted by Ritchie, Monday 22nd January 2007

I just (yesterday) installed OpenSUSE 10.2 (32 bit version) on my AMD64 3200+ (1Gb Mem).

Can I suggest that the tester re-run his test but choose KDE as the desktop he may feel differently, maybe! I find that Gnome and Nautilus are slower than KDE etc.

My install was flawless. (I chose KDE as desktop.) Once installed the KDE Start menu has changed and now sports a swishy swipy motion as you navigate thought the menu tree, unfortunatley it only shows me one level at a time. Took about 10mins to get used to and I can see myself tiring of it soon. I had no problems with slugishness at all. I had to configure the desktop to show mounted media icons but once set, right clicking on DVD and USB stick icons on desktop give a "Remove Safely" option to unmount/eject.

Overall, I'm happy with my install.



PS. I had the 64 bit version of SUSE 9.3 Pro installed before but have opted to install a 32 bit verion this time as it was hard to explain to my girls (6 and 8) why Macromedia et.al. have chosen not to produce a 64bit verion of flash etc so that they can play on their favourite websites: NickJr, Cartoon Network etc. and so have to switch that other OS