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PCLinuxOS 0.93a - Comments

Sunday 22nd October 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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1. Submitted by Glenn, Sunday 22nd October 2006

If when running the live cd, you set your system up as required, e.g. network, keyboard, etc then when you install you will find these items already set for you.

2. Submitted by Bernard Dale, Monday 23rd October 2006

Did you realise that a free monthly linux magazine is also now published online by

3. Submitted by Anonymous, Monday 23rd October 2006

I have been using PCLinixOS v0.92 and then version 0.93a (bigdaddy) for the last 4 months. It made me a convert from Windoze to 100% Linux. Everything works fine, the system is rock-steady. I am recommedning it to a lot people who want to switch over to Linux.

4. Submitted by lwolfers, Monday 23rd October 2006

Very good review. I've been using PCLinuxOS for nearly a year and being a part of the growth of this distro and the community has been a pleasant ride indeed. I, like many people, have tried nearly every distro under the sun, but PCLOS makes the others just seem under-nourished. KDE continues to be my desktop of choice and PCLinuxOS uses it as well (and better) than the others. We PCLOS users know that Texstar and his gang are very particular about stability. i.e. We are only at version .93 - beta. The forum is by far the most helpful and well-moderated sites compared to any other (including the massive Ubuntu). A new user of Linux would be doing themselves a huge favor in working with PCLinuxOS. Some call it the Distro-Hopper-Stopper. Thanks for the review.

5. Submitted by Anonymous, Monday 23rd October 2006

Nice review. I've been using Linux for a while now. While I liked Ubuntu, I think I'm ready to start exploring other options. From what I keep hearing about PCLinuxOS I think I'll try it next. I'm not scared of the command line, but sometimes, just being able to point and click sounds appealing.