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Ubuntu 5.10 - Comments

Thursday 27th October 2005

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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16. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Saturday 29th October 2005

In response to #15:

The only problem with that is some computers do not have a DVD drive, although I suppose the number of computers without a DVD drive is getting smaller and smaller.

17. Submitted by Limulus, Saturday 29th October 2005

"To sum it up, I would prefer the choice of CDs that Debian offers - you can have any number of the full CDs so long as you have the first, or you can just have the internet installation CD."

That's what the DVD install is for :)


From the 5.04 release notes: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/ReleaseNotes504/

"The DVD install image includes all supported packages, including those Not installed by default." which is to say that it has all of the "main" repository info on it (iiRC, in Synaptic, that's what the items with the ubuntu logos next to them are). It should be the same for 5.10; to see what's in the DVDs, click on one of the "list" files linked from the DVD page, e.g. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/5.10/release/ubuntu-5.10-dvd-i386.list

P.S. My notes on ubuntu: http://members.shaw.ca/Limulus/ubuntu.html

18. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Saturday 29th October 2005

In response to #17:

As I said above, not everyone might have a DVD drive, although most people probably do by now.

19. Submitted by hoodwink, Saturday 29th October 2005

One thing missing in your rambling intro to Ubuntu is the presence of other (better?) variants such as Kubuntu. I've been quite pleased with Ubuntu, but not enough to put up with Gnome (personal prejudice), swo I chose Kubuntu.

For the unknowing: Kubuntu is based on the KDE desktop system. You get the same slick, professional installation. but KDE is the desktop manager.

I don't personally use either of the behemoths, Gnome or KDE, but I do find the occasional KDE package useful. I run lightweight wdm and icewm to control my system, but that takes more effort than the average newbie can handle.

20. Submitted by Randy, Sunday 30th October 2005

I'm glad you mentioned the "root password" thing. I just installed Ubuntu 5.10 and was wondering what happend to the root password, and why it would take my user password when asking for a root password. Now I know. It would be nice if Ubuntu had an easy way to set up a different root password. I was very impressed with the whole Ubuntu install. Thanks. Good article, by the way.