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What Is RSS?

Monday 29th August 2005 - Sunday 4th September 2005

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Using A Feed In Opera

Subscribing to feed in Opera is much the same. This time, there is an RSS symbol to the right of the address bar:

The RSS symbol in Opera.

If there is more than one feed, you will be presented with a list, from which you can select the feed you wish to subscribe. This should lead to a dialog box such as the following:

The dialog box in Opera for subscribing to feeds.

From there, you simply need to click on 'Feeds' in the menu bar, and select the relevant feed:

Selecting a feed in Opera.>

Using a Feed In News Readers

In news readers, subscribing to a feed is normally a very simple process. Firsly, you need the path to a feed - this is done as before i.e. right clicking on the link/symbol, and clicking 'Copy Link Location' or the relevant line according to your web browser. Then, simply click subscribe and enter the feed location - in Straw, you would receive this box:

Subscribing to a feed in Straw, a news reader.

And then the feed should display itself!