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Zenwalk 3.0 - Comments

Sunday 24th September 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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1. Submitted by Zenwalk-oskar, Monday 25th September 2006

"I wouldn't have minded, but Debian was not added to the boot list, meaning that I can't access one of my partitions. Heigh ho!"
Please if you have grub you may simply choose "skip lilo install". Zenwalk does not force anyone to overwrite his/her mbr (like some ubuntus do). Better if you like grub and already use it too boot other distros it is even recommended not install lilo. So please dont blame zenwalk. You have chosen to install lilo, not zenwalk.

2. Submitted by Mike,, Monday 25th September 2006

In response to #1:

I believe my point is still valid. If you choose LILO, you have access to Zenwalk, but not Debian. If you choose GRUB, you have access to Debian, but not Zenwalk. In other words, you still have to do some editing of text files, which, where possible, is best avoided.

3. Submitted by Chris, Sunday 1st October 2006

I was interested to read your review and in many ways can see your point of view about the distribution. As a user since 2.6 I feel some important elements has not been mention.

Quote "So, just how far has Zenwalk moved in the time between Zenwalk 2.6 and Zenwalk 3.0?"

For me, Zenwalk has improved in leaps and bounds because the community at large has improved. The Zenwalk games site opened one month before your review with six games packaged that could be simply downloaded and install. They now total some 75 games. In June Zenlive was released and now in August we have a new Zencommunity web site with some 81 contributed packages all going through a test team to maintain quality.

One final point, I understand you comments about installing the distribution not being as user friendly as it could be and feel it would better to judge how hard a distribution is to install by
supporting documation
When I was new very new to linux I was put off by some graphical installers where you still needed to know how to answer the questions.