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Government Announces Penguin-Proof Firewall


Tuesday 1st April 2008

Category: News

Today, government spokesman Uma Head made a startling announcement - that there were too many foreign operating systems in Britain today, and something needed to be done. She declared, "Over the past decade or so, we have seen an unprecedented rise in the choice of operating system, at the cost of our own native operating systems."

Peacock Linux

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Sunday 1st April 2007

Categories: GNU/Linux, FLOSS, Proprietary Software, News

Peacock Linux - the Galactic Operating System - aims to make the best of both worlds. It's the perfect amalgam between free and proprietary.

Flash 9 On GNU/Linux

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Saturday 30th September 2006

Categories: GNU/Linux, Internet, Opinion, Proprietary Software

Spurred by the recent articles and comments online, many of them complaining about the lack of a Flash Player 9 for GNU/Linux, I've decided to add my views about Adobe, formerly Macromedia, Flash to the pot.

Interview with Zenwalk's Jean-Philippe Guillemin


Tuesday 11th July 2006

Categories: GNU/Linux, Opinion, FLOSS

Zenwalk is one of the up and coming distributions in the FLOSS world. Jean-Philippe Guillemin, the founder of Zenwalk, takes the time to answer some questions about Zenwalk and GNU/Linux in general.

Why I Love Internet Explorer

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Saturday 1st April 2006

Categories: Internet, Opinion, Proprietary Software

Different people love Internet Explorer for different reasons. Some like the fact that it allows you to install all sorts of fascinating software. Some like its stability. Some like the innovative interface. In fact, these are brilliant reasons to love what is surely one of the most inspired computing triumphs of the past twenty years.

Website Annoyances


Friday 10th February 2006 - Sunday 5th March 2006

Categories: Internet, Opinion

Over the years, we've seen the Internet move forward at an incredible pace - we now have XHTML, CSS, Flash, Java, Javascript, Perl, Python, PHP... along with thousands of downloads that enrich our computing experience. On the other hand, some websites just annoy us, or, worse, make us want to smash our keyboards in frustration. Here's the chance to have a good rant, and complain as much as you want about websites - whether it is Flash, slow speeds or navigation that is the problem.

Finding An Atom 1.0 Feed Reader


Sunday 18th September 2005 - Saturday 24th September 2005

Categories: Internet, Opinion, FLOSS

While writing a guide for writing an Atom 1.0 feed, I found that my test news reader, Straw, couldn't read my Atom feed. At all. Mozilla Firefox could read the feed, but it only reads the title and the link - I wanted to check the many other details, such as the date and author, was working properly. And so began a long search...

Why I Hate Internet Explorer

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Thursday 23rd June 2005

Categories: Internet, Opinion, Proprietary Software

Different people don't like Internet Explorer for different reasons. Some don't like the fact that it allows far too much spyware and viruses through. Some don't like it's instability. Some don't like the lack of tabbed browsing. While all of these are good reasons to use something else, the reason I really hate Internet Explorer is that it does not follow standards.