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Freespire 1.0 - Comments

Wednesday 30th August 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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11. Submitted by SirYes, Monday 4th September 2006

As of today Click-N-Run service is free of charge, both for Linspire and Freespire users. So, the greatest obstacle moved away, and currently becomes a big advantage, making the user experience and installation of programs easier than ever.

Read the original announcement:

12. Submitted by Michael, Friday 8th September 2006

Useful article. Linspire must have read it, because they have now made CNR free! Perhaps you would like to revisit your review?

13. Submitted by Mike, free-bees.co.uk, Friday 8th September 2006

In response to #12:

For various reasons, I won't be trying Freespire 1.0 again. However, I do intend to give Freespire 1.1 a go, including CNR.

14. Submitted by Anonymous, Tuesday 19th September 2006

I'm getting more enraged and frustrated with this idiotic software as days go by. I can't figure anything out, and I sure as hell don't have the time to do that.
The following problems and issues are pissing me off.
1) The CD drives. WHAT THE HELL. I insert a CD, and it doesn't play. Even my dad, a computer guru, cannot figure this massive problem out. It's preventing me from listening to my favorite cds, or putting games on my computer.
2) ALL PROGRAMS. All of my programs REFUSED to work whenever I started them up. For example, LSongs. Each time I started it up, it would freeze. I must've restarted my computer over a hundred times before this program started working normally. This also pertains to KPlayer and things like that.
3) It takes an extremely long time for any program to boot up.
4) Manually starting up a program. For example: plugging in my Mp3 player in the USB drive. I'm trying to play some songs through KPlayer, and it keeps telling me "ERROR ERROR." Could we FIX the error?
5) I basically just figured out that anything to do with media programs/settings is royally effed up.
6) Downloading things off of the internet. Who knew that downloading drivers or flash players could be so difficult? With Windows, it was a click of a button. With Freespire, you have to download this, and move it here and extract it like this.... -FRUSTRATING! Make it a little more simple! Trust me, there are dumber people out there than me; people who don't have any common sense. They are going to be twice as puzzled and as misdirected as I am.
Fix this all immediately, for I am about to call it quits and go back to Windows.
Sincerely yours,
Amanda M.

15. Submitted by Sarah Brightman, Sunday 24th September 2006

Not a bad review ! Over all Freespire just plain works right out of the box. My main Linux OS's were Ubuntu & Kubuntu, I tired a Freespire Live CD and was sold on it right from the get-go. I have made Freespire my home because of ones many software options, and everything just works, not bad for a new distro.

Do not criticize FS's default email client unless you have actually tried it. I have been using Thunderbird seems like forever. But I tried Freespire Email and it is the fastest mail client I have ever seen. In fact it was one of the reason's I switched to FS.

Best regards,