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Freespire 1.0 - Comments

Wednesday 30th August 2006

Categories: Reviews, GNU/Linux, FLOSS

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16. Submitted by Anonymous, Wednesday 11th October 2006

I installed freespire 1.0.13 and apart from the too slow boot up, am generally satisfied, though I don't normally use debian based distributions preferring instead gentoo

I did try the CNR, after creating an account and I find that even the free stuff like google earth or audacity asks you to upgrade to Linspire to get the package, even though there is no price listed

I have used libranet in the past, which I also found quite good, except I don't really like 100% graphical install, as it makes it awkward to do anything manually, via other menus, which are often not being provided even as a fallback

Now one issue I have with freespire is the lack of the single click to open folders (directories) on the desktop and the insane cloning of a windows (Lindows, linspire, freespire) desktop with the My Computer, My Documents, My Photos, My Music
--perhaps there should be a BIG M key for the My Selections*, I even include windows Vista in that complaint

Also I should say that I don't really like Mac OSX with the weird mouse action, tested at an Apple store

17. Submitted by David, Friday 30th March 2007

I have tried many different linux distros on my Presario V2670CA. Freespire is the ONLY one that works on it perfectly. Most of the problem is the Broadcom 4318 wireless driver. Impossible to get it to work with the 64 bit distros. And the instructions/advice don't work for Ubuntu. Another problem with other distros is they don't detect the cd rom even if it's booted from CD. Part way through the boot up, it stops detecting it.